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Dr. McCall and Frank Boley - 1897

The Weekly Gazette and Stockman (Reno, Nevada)

May 5, 1897

Special to the Gazette:
San Francisco, April 28. - On the arrival of the steamer Weber from Stockton this morning, a mysterious case of double death on the steamer was reported. George Miller, porter on the steamer, on opening a stateroom, found in the berth the dead body of Dr. McCall of Stockton, and on the floor the dead body of an unknown man, fully dressed. On the floor was a pint bottle partly filled with whiskey. In the pocket of the unknown man was a Chinese was ticket on the back of which was written the words, "No one to blame."

The officers of the steamer and the local police believe the case one of double suicide. The body of Dr. McCall was identified by several of the crew and passengers. The man found dead in the stateroom of the steamer Weber this morning with Dr. McCall was Frank Boley, a carpenter. The pair had been together drinking heavily for the last four days.

McCall was a confirmed dipsomanic and addicted to opium, having recently been released from the county jail, where he served six months. He was well connected, but latterly friends and practice left him. It is supposed both men were despondent through drink.

Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California)
May 15, 1897

Dr. J. C. McCall and Frank Boley, both of Stockton, were found died in McCall's stateroom on the steamer Captain Weber. Indications pointed to a double suicide.

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